The third iteration of Momentum Tech Conference kicked off on 30th April’19 for 2 consecutive days. Dubbed as the biggest tech startup conference, Momentum brought together 100+ startups, old and new, and provided them a platform to grow and learn from each other, and industry experts simultaneously. 

XOOP was cordially invited to attend the conference, which we graciously accepted; in addition to setting up a booth in the Startup lounge, we also ensured our presence at the Tech Job Fair. The booth gave us a perfect environment to interact with other up-and-coming startups, which helped us broaden our horizons in the industry. The Tech Job Fair addressed our never-ending need for fresh talent, bringing us into contact with diligent and capable individuals looking to pursue their dreams and help transform the world. Furthermore, it was an honor to see XOOP being featured among the Top 15 most disruptive startups of the Country; receiving a round of applause from the industry experts.  

 Alongside representatives from Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, XOOP’s strategic partners were called on the stage to talk about the changes required to stimulate the growth of the startup industry. It was a proud moment for us to see our partners as esteemed guests of the conference, and to receive their validation regarding XOOP’s disruptive assimilation of Tech and Logistics.