Keep things tidy and efficient by utilizing Xoop’s delivery management system!

Aggregate all your orders and help get them delivered to your customers as quickly as possible.

This system consists of Admin Panel and a complementing Rider App which will speed up your restaurant’s delivery orders and optimize your workflows.


  • Dashboard which shows real-time location of the riders and the status of the job. 
  • Assign hubs, in case of multiple branches and make clusters to deploy riders in respective territories.
  • APIs which can be easily integrated with your restaurant’s POS system.
  • Provides detailed reports on your rider’s performance and delivery orders performance.

Rider App

  • Route optimization allows rider to select the best route which minimizes the time and distance and also results in saving up on fuel cost.
  • Provides proof of delivery and reflects real-time job statuses.
  • Digital deliveries meaning riders will travel paperless.
  • Allows riders to accept payments.