Our Bulk cargo service involves transportation of large shipments from one location to another by land, air or sea on time and with best safety measures on board. Our seamless transportation services and availability of advanced warehouses makes this service one of our specialties.

This service is a corporate delivery service and mainly caters to large businesses that need shipping of items for different purposes. The medium of transportation is chosen according to the location of the cargo, it can either be done through land, air or sea.

This service falls in the detain category of our time parameters which makes it take a time duration in transit of more than 48 hours.

  • Send goods by air, sea or land
  • Connections with leading transporting companies of all three routes.
  • Insurance in transit guaranteed.
  • Speedy process with no delays.
  • Real time tracking of cargo available.
  • Safety and well handling of cargo is our responsibility.
  • Domestic and international links for transportation.
Bulk Cargo