Same Day

This service is mostly acquired by individuals and corporations who do not need an urgent facility to deliver their cargo; Xoop caters to their needs by its overnight service delivering their cargo in less or within 24-hours. All you need to do is get your package picked up and wait for 24 hours before it reaches its destination safe and sound in the best manner.


This service involves picking up your parcel and dropping it at your preferred destination, which can vary according to the service you acquire. Same day cargo mainly takes place in the services of door to door and airport to airport, where we pick up your cargo and deliver it to your door or another airport within 12-hours. This is one of Xoop’s most frequently used service parameter as it is the fastest in time.


This service is usually acquired by individuals or large corporations who have bulk cargo to be moved. We take care of their cargo in the safest and most efficient manner as we move it by land, air or sea keeping in mind the destination and the route. Our wide network of connections enable us to put your cargo on the most suitable medium of transportation making it reach its destination in the safest form.