It is one of the oldest tertiary industries in the world.
If we go back to the Greek and Persian era we won’t be able to find much service related businesses available back then, but one of the most frequently found service business belonging to that time is the courier business, laying its foundation back to 2400 BC in ancient Egypt where runners would courier documents carved into stone tablets. Before industrialization different means were used to transport parcels from one place to another, the most common mediums were animals. The vehicles varied from carts to sleds to runner men.    

Couriers were initially made on foot by men.
With its inception the courier service in Persia started off by using manual labor for transporting parcels, local men would run miles in order to get the cargo delivered. A surprising fact states that Pheidippides, a Greek courier ran 26 miles from Marathon to Athens to deliver the news courier of the Greeks winning the Greco-Persian war. This continued to be the medium of parcel transportation until men were replaced by animals.

It has used a lot of animal species for transportation
Horses were the first animal species to replace human couriers, but it did not stay to just horses, soon species such as camels, bullocks, goats etc. In Thailand elephants became the most common mode of cargo transportation while animals such as wolfs and dogs became couriers in places like Australia, Alaska, Iceland and Siberia. Even though the industry has evolved with time but animals are still used as courier modes in some parts of the world.   

It has experienced one of the most innovations.
Starting back in the 24th century BC the courier industry is considered to be one of the most innovated industries in the modern world. From orders being delivered on foot by manual labor, being noted on stone tablets and leaves and only small and less cargo being sent, to deliveries being made internationally and domestically by heavy aircrafts, large vessels and fast road trucks, being noted on a virtual database on online websites and applications with almost every movable item being sent as a cargo, the courier industry as surely evolved completely.   

The first all-equipped courier service was started in the US
Although, individual couriers were present since the stone age where royal courts used to pay couriers to deliver their documents but a complete courier company was started in the United States by the name of Wells Fargo as late as 1852 the company initially used horses and carts as their delivery vehicles until industrialization when they gradually moved to motor bikes. Today, Wells Fargo is a large American multi-national having businesses in the fields of express services, banking and tourism.

Courier companies can be found almost anywhere in the world
If we have a look at the tertiary sector industries we might not be able to find them in every other country of the world but that is not the case with the industry or courier and cargo as this is one of the few service related industries that can be found in almost every country in the world. Whether you are in the industrial hub of Europe or you are wandering in nations of Africa, you can always send your parcels across the globe.