Independence Day

Posted by Shayan Ahmed

14th August is not just a date but is an occasion full of pride, celebrations and remembering the sacrifices of millions who fought for our freedom. The day was celebrated nationwide with people going out and enjoying the day but Xoop celebrated the day in its own style who set a perfect precedent by celebrating the Independence Day in an adorable fashion throughout Xoop network.

Keeping up the spirit of patriotism the Xoop headquarters in Karachi celebrated the occasion with love and pride for their beautiful homeland. The office and its own operation terminal were decorated with the traditional color theme of green and white representing the flag of Pakistan, the staff was seen showing up in smooth traditional wear keeping up with the theme of the day.

The occasion was full of different events that made it more special and monumental filling the staff’s hearts with patriotism and pride for their nation. These celebratory ceremonies were not limited to just Karachi but Xoop’s stations in Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan celebrated the national festival with the same spirit and enthusiasm setting examples of patriotism.

The celebrations was followed by an address by Asad Siddiqui – Chief Executive Officer of Xoop at the headquarters to his staff talking about the heights this nation is capable of reaching, and how his company will work for it and make Pakistan proud worldwide with its innovation and efficiency, a quote in his speech reminded his staff about the sacrifices made by the generations before them just to make this country breathe and prosper and now it is on our generation to value their sacrifices and work for the benefit of this nation keeping it on our first priority.

The event gave Xoop’s staff a perfect dose of escapism and a feeling of pride for their independent nation making the moment special and valuable for them, as a soft but effective message of patriotism and love was sent to them by their employer making them realize the value of this nation and the heights it is capable of achieving encouraging them to work for the betterment of this country. Xoop believes in being patriotic and is proud of its national association with the beautiful land of Pakistan as it promises to make her feel proud of Xoop globally with its achievement in the field of courier, travel & eCommerce services. Pakistan Zindabad!     

Author Shayan Ahmed
IT Officer and developer in Xoop Technology


  • Can you inform me what system are you making use of on this web site?

    • Hi,

      Thank you for showing the interest in our website,
      We are not making any system to use through our website, we run a logistic company which name is XOOP. It is the same as others are.

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